David Goodner

Hi!I’m David Goodner. I live near Portland, Oregon with my wife who adores me, my dog who worships me, and my two cats who tolerate me as long as I keep cleaning out the litter box. You’re here (I hope) because you’ve seen one of my children’s books and loved it so much you wanted to know more about me.That’s absolutely wonderful. In a million years, I never would have thought that was a possibility, and now it is.On this site, you'll find links to my books, personal appearances, and contact info.


Ginny Goblin is Not Allowed to Open This Box (ISBN: 978-0544764156 )Ginny Goblin Cannot Have a Monster for a Pet (ISBN: 978-0544764163)Kondo and Kezumi Visit Giant Island (ISBN: 9781368025775)Kondo and Kezumi Reach Bell Bottom (ISBN: 9780759554733)Kondo and Kezumi Are Not Alone (ISBN: 9780759554719)Girls Rule! Five Minute Stories (ISBN: 9780358163725) - Ginny Shares this book with several other amazing girls.


I love doing public appearances. My appearance fee is $500 per day, plus expenses. For short events (2 hours or less) I’ll do $250 as long as there’s not much travel involved.I can negotiate for title-1 schools and libraries that service low-income areas if they’re not too far away from home (near Portland, OR).I can also do virtual events. My preference is to use Zoom, but I also have Skype and could try Google Hangouts. I’d do an all-day thing for $400 or a short event for $200 since I don’t have to drive or wear nice pants.


Reading to children (generally, but hey, if a group of adults wants to hear Ginny Goblin, I’m not going to say no). I usually do about a 30 minute program, which is enough time to read two books and answer questions. It’s also about as long as picture-book age kids can be expected to sit still.

Classes And Workshops

I teach several writing-related classes.What to Expect when You’re Expecting to Get Published: A survey of all the stuff I wish I knew before I sold my first book. Learn about getting an agent, understanding your first contract, working with an editor, and what you should do after you sell your first book. (Primarily for adults, about 1 hour)Journey to the Center of the Children’s Section: a basic overview of juvenile literature categories and expectations, useful if you’re just thinking of writing for children and want to know what that segment of the publishing world is like. (Primarily for adults, about 1 hour)Create a Character is 25 Questions: (Created by Angelique L’Amour) A writing workshop where I lead a group through creating a new character by answering a series of questions. They start with the easy and general: What is the character’s name?” and get to the specific and deep: “what is the character’s deepest secret.” Along the way, there are fun questions like “What’s in their pockets?” (For children as young as 7 or 8, up to adults. Maximum class size of 25. It works best with groups of 10 or so.)


David is represented by Stephen Barr at Writers House.

Latest News

Welcome to the newer, much simpler website. I might actually be able to keep up with this one. There are still a few changes to make, but this will do for now.